PFE NUEVO 6.5 INCH (16.5 CM)
PFE NUEVO 6.5 INCH (16.5 CM)

PFE NUEVO 6.5 INCH (16.5 CM)

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Nuevo (Soft Edge) 6,5 inch (16.5 cm)

Pottery Forms Europe was the creator to market the first soft edge pottery forms. As a continuation of our innovative developments, we now bring a whole new line of pottery forms with a bold modern look. The plates made with these soft edge shapes are unique and distinctive.

The complete range of these models consists of:

Nuevo 6.5 inch ( 16.5 cm)

Nuevo 8 inch ( 20.3 cm)

Nuevo 9.5 inch (24.1 cm)

Nuevo 11 inch ( 27.9 cm)

Nuevo 12,5 inch (31.8 cm)

Nuevo 14 inch ( 35.6 cm)


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